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Missions Support


Chance for Childhood

Their Vision: “A world where no child is forgotten”
Chance for Childhood is an award winning charity working across seven African countries to support the most vulnerable children. They always work with community leaders who best understand the local context and because of this, together with their recent merger with Street Child Africa, they received the BOND Collaboration Award in 2017.
Five years ago the Parish of Shere and Peaslake chose CFC to be one of our Mission Support charities to receive £2,000 per year. We were impressed by their work in northern Uganda, rehabilitating young returnees from life as child soldiers and slaves in the civil war. CFC had built a large, welcoming Youth Centre in Patongo to serve as a hub for counselling, education, and training in skills that could provide a means of income.
The Parish donation continues to help finance the popular tailoring course, which has already contributed to bringing 600 young people out of poverty. We have heart-warming reports of personal stories where learning to make clothes has turned lives around. It has given young women a sense of self-worth as well as enough income to keep themselves and their families.

Our Mission support for Al Ahli Hospital, Gaza

Gaza-imageThe Parish has been supporting the Hospital in the centre of Gaza city, through our donation of £2000 per year administered by  the Amos Trust. The hospital treats over 45,000 patients each year, and is a beacon of hope  for peace in an area fraught with political and economic problems, resulting in humanitarian suffering, disease, and social problems. Restrictions on movement and imports of basic medicines have accentuated problems caused by limited electricity, food, water, fuel and personnel.

In addition, Al Ahli provides free mobile clinics to villages across Gaza for elderly women, free care for burns injuries and underweight or malnourished children, screening programmes for early detection of breast cancer and essential psychosocial support. The hospital also partners with community organisations to provide much-needed training for local people in counselling, social work, basic first aid and medical aid, and run their own training programmes for graduate and undergraduate youth.

The Parish has also donated an additional £2000 for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the building of the Outpatients Department which collapsed in December 2018.

Further information is available through the Amos website: